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NB Construction was established in 2012. In our short period of existence, NB Construction, Inc. has earned a reputation of being leading provider of wireless communications site development services for government, enterprise and commercial carriers. We deliver high-availability network infrastructure systems for mission-critical end-to-end wireless communication networks, primarily for the government and public safety markets.

AT NB, we believe that site development is a critical component of the successful delivery of a new communications system. We also believe and our motto is “Every site is Mission Critical”. As a result of these fundamental beliefs, NB has developed a world class communications site development team. Being as young as we are, we have civil construction professionals have an average of 15 years of civil and public safety site design and integration expertise. These professionals have developed a repeatable process that incorporates site development standards and design uniformity in the construction phase to ensure a successful implementation of the site development and provide economy of scale pricing. Our expertise in site development provides our customers the comfort that they have one company responsible for the entire communications system project.

NB Construction use and recommend the Motorola Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites (R-56); which is a compilation of industry best practices. We are also compliant with the latest editions of the International Building Code, NEC, NFPA, MAG, ANSI, IEEE, NEPA, ISO, OSHA, and UL standards. From a customer perspective, adherence to our R56 guidelines ensures high, consistent quality, which in turn provides service Reliability and longevity.

We have a complete portfolio of industry leading Architectural and Engineering and Site Development services ensuring efficient and effective full-service integration solutions. From an installation or upgrade on a single existing tower, to the deployment of hundreds of new sites

Our approach

Our approach uses project schedule requirements, critical path identification, long-lead time procurement integration, with design and build expertise to provide a lower cost solution to the infrastructure deployment effort. Our experience, vendor qualifications and local knowledge bring a strong team member to the short term deployment efforts of municipalities. Our experience of projects of a variety of sizes in virtually every physical environment provides a level of expertise not found in many companies.


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